Action Plan

All the planned activities we lead DEALING WITH STEREOTYPES IN EDUCATION to achieve its objectives as different perspectives of people from such a variety of countries will help all the partner schools to not only understand the key subject – hate and stereotypes – better but also to cooperate in order to find ways of combating it at school and communities levels.
Students will be actively involved in the LTTAs activities.
Before each LTTA students will:

  • work on collecting data and presenting the case in their local areas;
  • participate in role plays and interactive games in order to raise awareness about the dangers and
    unfairness of stereotypes and discriminating behaviour;
  • design campaign posters on the topics “No hate speech in schools”, “United as one under the European
  • create video diaries of the week they spend in the country of the exchange;
  • participate in competitions of poetry and creative writing on the topic of European diversity;
  • get involved in photography competitions under the title “I am not You but We can be together”.

All these activities have been planned in a logical way so as to cover the most common types of stereotyping;

C1 How to stop stereotypes in schools

C2 Stereotypical thinking and discrimination
: Common stereotypes related to nationalities; direct, indirect, multiple discrimination; forms of discrimination and their effects;

C3 Gender and racial equality: Common gender and racial steretypes and their effects; ways of confronting them;

C4 Religious equality
: common stereotypes related to religions and religious beliefs; effects of such stereotypes; analysis of cases in which stereotypes and discrimination against religions had terrible consequences;

C5 Stereotypical thinking and discrimination in schools
: how can we address these issues?