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Presentations of schools, regions and countries:
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Second Flow C2

Presentation about stereotypes and racial discrimination:
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Workshops presentationsKnock discrimination out | Green Screen Project | Sing our rap

Posters: Knockdown discrimination A-Z, Knockout

Quizzes: How well do you know Gubbio? | Dealing with stereotypes

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Songs: Rap song lyrics

Movies: the wolf of Gubbio

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Campaign: Slogans painted by students on the window panes of the school inner court

Third Flow C3

Presentations about gender and racial equality
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Fourth Flow C4

Presentations about religious equality
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Fifth Flow C5

Presentations about discriminations at school
From Italy

From Poland: stereotypical-thinking-in-Polish-school
From Germany: Immigrants-are-important-to-our-townTexting-and-young-peopleText_Thumb-generation

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